Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA)

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The Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA) was established in February 2002 by proposal of Regional Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and became officially registered at the Baranya County Court in December 2002 in Pécs.

The Association:

  • provides professional forum for regional scholars and practitioners
  • disseminates the latest developments of Hungarian and international regional science research,
  • serves as a bridge between international and Hungarian regional scientist by getting connected with international regional science organizations (European Regional Science Association, Regional Studies Association),
  • builds contacts with regional policymakers to publicize findings of regional science research,
  • provides support to scientific research institutes, universities and other organizations where regional science is currently practiced or will be practiced in the future,
  • supports regional scientists to publish and popularise their research findings by means of offering research funding, scholarships and other initiatives,
  • organizes conferences, workshops as well as publishes books and other publications to widen the audience as well as the community of users of regional science research.


The Hungarian Regional Science Association currently has more than 300 registered members associated with various organizations (research institutes, universities, central, regional and local government bodies, public and private companies etc).

The Association’s organization follows the regional principle: in all the seven regions of Hungary and in six regions abroad where Hungarian speaking regional specialists are working the regional organizations have already been established.

The Association also serves as the Hungarian section of the European Regional Science Association.

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